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Excellence in Laparoscopy Training

iSim2  | iSurgicals Laparoscopy Training Simulator 

The iSim is a user-friendly integrated laparoscopy simulator. It will accelerate the learning curve, improve laparoscopic skills and allow more opportunities to train during operations.

It offers a high resolution real-time image, making it the ideal simulator for developing basic and advanced laparoscopic skills, for individual and team training.

Features include:

  • High definition 15" screen and dual camera system offers a sharp real-time image
  • Dual camera system includes an integrated high definition camera with zoom facility and an external handheld Lapscope camera
  • Compact design allows it to be placed in a skills centre, office or theatre complex.
  • Innovative multi angle flap can be adjusted to various angles to create a workspace
  • Single incision laparoscopic surgery port
  • Training on physical models gives proper haptic feedback
  • Facility for projection of image onto a larger screen
  • Easy to change models and retrieve dropped needles
  • Low power consumption and no noise
  • Recording facility to monitor progress
  • No set-up time – “Switch on and Go”
  • No light source required